Hair Freaks, You Won't Be Able to Get Enough of the Bun Dropping Trend

Replay. Replay. Replay.

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True Life: I'm addicted to slo-mo hair videos. It began with Cameron Diaz's flip-your-goddamn-hair scene in Charlie's Angels circa 2000 and has now reached peak obsession thanks to a new sub-genre: bun dropping.

The trend consists of women—particularly that of the Pantene-Pro-V-commercial-worthy hair persuasion—taking down their top knots and letting their manes drop like a Beyoncé album when you least expect it.

The videos are edited at a mesmerizingly-slow speed so that you can appreciate every last sway of the strands and gleam of light. I mean, if this isn't motivation to make hair masking a priority, I truly do not know what is.

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So just sit back, relax, and watch. Oh, and turn up your volume, because many of the videos have their own wait-for-the-drop moments.

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