Is This Milan Fashion Week's Prettiest Hair Look?

All signs point to yes.

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Prada had laser-level-precise bobs that rose from the models' necks like topiaries. Gucci had Little Lord Fauntleroy curls. But Bottega Veneta? Bottega Veneta had *the* winningest hair look of Milan Fashion Week—and we'll un-sheath our rapiers (#accessories) on anyone who disagrees.

From the house that brought you brushed-out curls and burnt orange lips for Fall 2013 (#GOAT) comes another memorable look, again courtesy of stylist Guido Palau: a stockbroker-boyish coiffure from the front that flowed into secret, floral-pin-adorned waves, revealed only when models like Gigi and Bella Hadid rounded the corner.


The procedure, which is blessedly easy enough to recreate at home, provided you've got the right antique silver accessory handy: create a deep side part (the arch of the eyebrow is most flattering); apply Redken Satinwear 02 lotion; add texture by winding pieces loosely around a curling iron; tuck in yet another heirloom you've nicked from your elders below one ear so it sits at a graceful angle to the jawline.

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As a certain psychokinetically gifted youngster would say, "Still pretty?" Pretty.

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