Jennifer Lawrence Sings a Christmas Duet, Escapes Overenthusiastic Fans

What a night.

Confirmed: Based on their highly entertaining performance last night, Jennifer Lawrence and David Letterman are the only carolers we wouldn't politely turn away from our doorsteps this season.

Although she's now mentioned crying before shooting her Mockingjay singing scene twice—the first during the interview in which she vowed never to join social media—the press-tour pro managed to confront her fears and belt out a few bars of "A Holly Jolly Christmas" on Wednesday night's episode of the Late Show.

"I'm scarred from my childhood because I have a Southern mother who would just tell me I was amazing at everything, that I could do everything," she said. "But I can't. I had this tone-deaf, Amy Winehouse [growls] voice when I was eight."

She and Dave discuss her wanting to hire Lorde to do a voiceover of "The Hanging Tree," then they make noises like a pair of Lamborghinis revving up.

Later, as she signed autographs outside the studio, Lawrence was rushed away when fans upset the barrier.

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No one was hurt, and JLaw continued to smile even as security hauled her to safety. All in a day's work, right?

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