Selena Gomez Is Being Accused of Lip Syncing Her AMAs Performance

Fans are calling her out on Twitter.

Selena Gomez AMA
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Selena Gomez returned to stage for the first time since her break from the spotlight, and sang "Wolves" at the AMAs. The super stylish performance was directed by the singer's friend Petra Collins and seemed to be a hit—but Twitter was quick to explode with accusations that Sel lip synced.

Fans were pretty vocal about their disappointment, claiming that Selena's lip syncing was way too obvious:

Meanwhile, some corners of the internet seemed completely here for her choosing to lip sync:

While others noted that Selena has been through a hell of a lot this year, so maybe everyone should cut her some slack. It's really not *that* big of a deal, right?

Right. As you were.

Mehera Bonner
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