Bella Hadid Calls 911 After Finding Alleged Stalker Outside Her Home

This is so scary.

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Supermodel Bella Hadid called the New York City Police on Thursday evening, after (per People) her alleged stalker was seen standing outside the building she lives in. TMZ reports that she also noticed he'd posted a photo of the building.

Hadid reportedly told police that the man in question had left "numerous unwanted threatening messages" to her via social media. He was reportedly charged with aggravated harassment and stalking on Thursday night, and a NYPD spokesperson tells People that he's been allegedly harassing Hadid since mid-December.

It's unclear if the man is still in custody as of Friday morning, but Bella Hadid was able to move on with the rest of her evening—joining her sister Gigi Hadid at a friend's birthday party.

The model is far from the only celebrity who's had to deal with a stalker. In 2016, Hadid's friend Kendall Jenner testified against an alleged stalker in court, and in 2017 Jenner was granted a restraining order against another man allegedly stalking her.

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