The Kanye West Sleeping Meme Is Today's Gift from the Internet

Snoozing at a Taylor Swift concert, snoozing on Drake's shoulder...


Thank you, Kim Kardashian, for providing us with this now widely circulated photo of Kanye West and North sleeping: 

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While we've got proof that the rapper does indeed fall asleep everywhere IRL, Reddit users are now Photoshopping Kanye sleeping in the strangest, silliest situations, because YESSSS:

With Mark Zuckerberg

On Drake's shoulder

At a Taylor Swift concert

Unimpressed by Darth Vader

Asleep on the job (a meme in a meme, we should add)

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Riding a dinosaur skeleton

As the Dreamworks logo (and every other possible production company's logo)

Never change, internet, never change.

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