Kylie Jenner and All Her Friends Dressed as Sexy Disney Princesses for Halloween

"Ariel grew up."

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  • Kylie Jenner dressed up as sexy Ariel from The Little Mermaid for Halloween this year.
  • Kylie's friends Sofia Richie, Stassie Karanikolaou, Yris Palmer, and Victoria Villarroel joined her as the other (sexy) Disney princesses.

    Happy Halloween! I hope you spend the day avoiding candy corn because it's disgusting! Anyway, please say a prayer for your Instagram feed, because it's about to be stacked with a) your friends deeply regrettable outfits, and b) a bunch of celebrity costumes. But mostly Kylie Jenner, because when it comes to spooky season she goes hard.

    Kylie has already debuted two Halloween costumes thus far, and hit Instagram late last night to show off costume #3: sexy Ariel. As she says in the caption, "Ariel grew up."

    Truly, has anyone checked on Sebastian the Crab? Because he's not okay right now.

    Naturally, Kylie's friends joined her in the Disney princess theme, and everyone's costumes are fire, not to mention unsafe for poor Mickey Mouse's eyeballs. Let's see, we have Sofia Richie as Sleeping Beauty....

    Hair, Blond, Headpiece, Crown, Hairstyle, Hair accessory, Tiara, Beauty, Pink, Lip,

    Yris Palmer as Belle from Beauty and the Beast...

    Victoria Villarroel as Princess Jasmine...

    Abdomen, Navel, Trunk, Human body, Bikini,

    And Stassie as Cinderella.

    Kylie previously dressed up as a Playboy Bunny for Stassie's Playboy-themed party, going all out with contact lenses and bunny ears:

    Also, she dressed up as Madonna to recreate the pop star's iconic kiss at the VMAs with Britney Spears. And before you ask, no, no one bothered to dress up as Christina Aguilera, which...rude.

    Cool, back to my busy schedule of waiting until it's a socially acceptable time to start eating candy!

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