Selena Gomez Does Her Best Suki Waterhouse Impression

Now she just needs her own Bradley Cooper.

Selena Gomez's people might have fed her that masterfully vague "boyfriend T-shirt even if I don't have one" comment, but perhaps they overlooked one crucial step: to communicate with her glam squad.

Whether the bangs she posted on Instagram are real or clip-ins doesn't matter much—a change that noticeable is practically the smoking gun of a Relationship Status Update. (Hair doesn't lie, we tell you.) So is her new fringe a sign she's finally free from the vile clutches of Justin Bieber? Or do wispy forehead curtains mean she's back in his law-floutingsocial-cue-ignoring embrace? (Shudder.)

One thing's for sure: As far as follicle role models go, she could do much worse than Suki Waterhouse.

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