North West Takes a Page out of Nina Garcia's Book, Gets Dressed Shoes First

Off-screen, someone's dangling a pair of tiny Timberlands.

Kim Kardashian picks up young daughter North West.
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Sweet, sweet validation—even though North West is only two and probably can't even read Marie Claire/essays by Nina Garcia yet, BUT STILL.

"Every day she wakes up and says 'shoes,'" Kim Kardashian told Vogue. 'You have to bargain with her—before you change her diaper, she needs a pair of shoes on."

Priorities. In. Order. (Though...wouldn't it be kind of hard to get her Doc Martens through the leg holes? Then her custom Alexander Wang skirt? Has Kanye developed a secret technique for this? Why am I spending so much time contemplating the mechanics of Huggies?)

Elsewhere in the interview about her #blessed child but also about her new line of children's clothing for Nordstrom, Kim K. says North prefers miniature Chanel and Saint Laurent bags and dislikes wearing accessories on her head. Same, little Nori, minus the Chanel and the Saint Laurent and the finger-painting on a Birkin.

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