Jennifer Lawrence Is Playing a Russian Spy "Seductress" in Her Next Film

Hope she's brushing up on the accent.

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You'd think after all those Hunger Games films that J.Law would be sick of story lines with flawed government, freedom crusaders, and weaponry that seems like a hassle to schlep. But you'd be wrong. The starlet everyone wants to be best friends with will, if industry talk is to be believed, be starring in the film adaptation of Red Sparrow, an espionage novel by Jason Matthews.

While no deal has been inked *just yet*, sources say that the hope is for her to team up with Hunger Games: Mockingjay—Parts 1 and 2 director Francis Lawrence for the movie. The plot has a lot of twists and turns, but essentially centers around a state intelligence officer in conemporary Russia named Dominika Egorova. She is chosen, against her will, to become a "Sparrow," or a trained seductress for the service, where she is assigned to target Nathaniel Nash, a newbie CIA officer. Dominika has her eyes on revenge, and lives out a double life working for the CIA. Intrigue, deception, and, of course, sexual tension are all co-stars.

Of note:

1) We can totally see an Andrew Garfield-esque actor for the role of Nathaniel Nash.

2) We think J.Law will nail that Russian accent. 

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