Kanye Tried Out for 'American Idol', Brought Kim for Support

Yep, this happened.

Kanye West
(Image credit: Getty)

He's going to Hollywood! Kanye West surprised judges (and probably himself a little, TBH) when he stopped by the San Francisco auditions for American Idol season 15 (the last one) to "try out" for the show.

Bringing along Kim Kardashian (for support, naturally), Ryan Seacrest also made an appearance. Leaked videos show the rapper singing his 2005 hit, "Gold Digger," while judges Jennifer Lopez and Harry Connick, Jr. laugh and look on. 

No word yet on exactly *why* Kanye decided to drop in, though the family was in San Francisco for the Barack Obama fundraiser, where Obama gave Kanye some pointers (opens in new tab) on his 2020 campaign. We're thinking these photos will look great on a political reel—you know, should that be the case. 

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