Jennifer Lawrence Says She's Aging Like a President

All those jobs'll do that to ya.

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If you were to add Jennifer Lawrence to that CBS chart tracking presidential vacation days/proving Obama wasn't slacking off in Hawaii, she'd have taken even fewer than ol' Bill Clinton, she says.

"I try to keep working so people can see other characters and other things I can do instead of taking vacation time, and now I'm aging like a president," she said (probably to a chorus of "pshaw"s) at a press conference for Mockingjay: Part 2 on Saturday. "I hate waking up without a goal or going to sleep without achieving anything."

Taking on an endless list of projects including the X-Men and Hunger Games franchises and the upcoming biopic Joy is also her way of coping with fame, which wasn't always so easy for her to handle.

"Your entire world changes," she said. "Now it's very easy for me because I'm isolated. I have a new normal now. I feel very stable, and normal, and happy, but it took a few years to get used to being looked at differently. It's kind of an alienating feeling."

Good thing Amy Schumer's got a buddy to show her the ropes, eh? Also, not even close, Jen—this is aging like a president:


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