Kanye West's Unborn Child Is Already Winning at Life with Custom Yeezys

This child is living his best life and he hasn't even made his way out of Kim yet.

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Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are expecting a baby boy, and he's already more fashionable than you are. The yet-to-be-named little one was recently gifted a gold chain to match that of his dad, and now his mom's debuting the most exciting item in her son's closet: mini Yeezys.

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Yep, this baby has fashion's most coveted foot-ware and he hasn't even been born yet. Plus, these adorable Yeezys are one of a kind, which means all other babies will have to make due with the horror of mini Crocs. WHAT IS LIFE?

One can only assume that Baby West will wear other items from his dad's line, so expect lots of flesh-colored onesies and general fashion flawlessness.

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