Jennifer Lawrence's Two Most Embarrassing F*ckups Are Not What You Think They Are

Oh, they're much, much worse than tripping at the Oscars.

What a treat: Jennifer Lawrence stopped by Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday night, where they danced maniacally and shared their most embarrassing moments, which somehow all involved celebrities/people J.Law thought were celebrities.

"The whole time she's talking to me, I'm like, 'Oh, my God! This is Elizabeth Taylor!" she said of a moment when a friendly older woman approached her during her Silver Linings Playbook awards season. "She's complimenting me! I was like, 'Me? No! You!' Your movies that I can't name and your fashion moments that I don't know! I was like, 'You're unbelievable!'" Her friend, to whom she had introduced the woman as Liz Taylor, had to break it to her that Liz Taylor…died in 2011.

Her other legendary f*ckup involved Francis Ford Coppola and this Tom Ford dress, but we'll let her tell it herself in the video above.

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And here, we've just got some footage of her doing dance moves like "Check the Door" and "Brow Brow Chicken Cow" while wearing Louboutins. So, you know—happy Thursday. 

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Chelsea Peng
Chelsea Peng

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