The Coolest Cool-Girl Club Ever: Jennifer Lawrence, Adele, and Emma Stone Hung Out Last Night

Where was our invite?!

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In a move that makes you think "what?!" and then immediately "okay, yeah, that makes a lot of sense...", Jennifer Lawrence, Adele, and Emma Stone all went out to dinner together last night. Yes, all three beautiful, talented, hilarious, chill AF ladies hung out, and *somehow* the world did not collapse into the gravitational pull of their coolness.

The three were spotted in New York City—where millions of people, including myself, ahem, live and are available to be invited to last-minute dinners—and clearly had a grand ol' time judging by the fact that they were smiling and that it's Adele, J.Law, and Emma Stone. After dinner, they dashed off into the night and got into the car they had waiting together, because that's what friends do.

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Hey, guys?

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