Attention: Kanye Is Currently Freaking Out on Twitter

R u okay kanye? 

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What's curiously aggressive yet vulnerable and Twitter trigger-happy all over? Kanye West. Just Kanye West. 

When Wiz Khalifa had the audacity to point out the significance of Waves, the name Yeezus chose to bestow upon his new album in lieu of Swish, Kanye clapped back with the fury of, well, a thousand riled-up Kanyes. Included in his bullet-pointed version of Paradise Lost: accusations of plagiarism, admiration of his rival's pants, "I am your OG/I own your child," and a brief stop at degrading Amber Rose (not okay). Top off your coffee—this is going to be a long one, even if this is the SparkNotes version. 

^ Actually pretty petty, though.

And now, a turn for the fashionable. 

Resume insults. 




Plot twist. 

#Wizwearscoolpants. That's all. 

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