Kanye West Went Ahead and Shot His Own Rolling Stone Cover, Rolling Stone Is Like "No, Thanks"


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To anybody who's not a Kanye scholar, the Waves artist's latest tweets can seem troubling. But it's Kaaaanyeeeee—he knows *exactly* what he's doing. Which is drumming up publicity for himself and his upcoming Fashion Week/album release extravaganza by being purposefully weird and DIY-ing his own unauthorized Rolling Stone cover.

Oh yes he did. 

Soon after the reveal, the publication politely denied the image's authenticity, which prompted Kanye to dig into his stash of 🔥 hashtags. 

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FYI, at press time, 57 percent of voters have taken Yeezy's side on the matter. But one important question—which we might never know the answer to—still remains: 

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