Kanye West Went Ahead and Shot His Own Rolling Stone Cover, Rolling Stone Is Like "No, Thanks"



To anybody who's not a Kanye scholar, the Waves artist's latest tweets can seem troubling. But it's Kaaaanyeeeee—he knows *exactly* what he's doing. Which is drumming up publicity for himself and his upcoming Fashion Week/album release extravaganza by being purposefully weird and DIY-ing his own unauthorized Rolling Stone cover.

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Oh yes he did. 

Soon after the reveal, the publication politely denied the image's authenticity, which prompted Kanye to dig into his stash of 🔥 hashtags. 

FYI, at press time, 57 percent of voters have taken Yeezy's side on the matter. But one important question—which we might never know the answer to—still remains: 

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