North West Flushed Kanye's iPhone Down the Toilet and He Lost the Entirety of 'TLOP'

Dad, Imma let you finish, but... 

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So, Kim Kardashian showed up on the series finale of Kocktails with Khloé (may it rest in peace), and revealed that North West ruined the first incarnation of Kanye's The Life of Pablo by flushing it down the toilet. 

Ahem. No comment. 

"Kanye had every single rap in his iPhone before he started really working on Pablo and then North flushed it down the toilet," Kim mused. "They could not be retrieved—we sent it to, like, four places."

Kanye's response? "No Apple Genius was genius enough." #FACTS

Turns out the rapper/ranter was pretty chill about TLOP meeting its watery doom, and as Kim explains in the video below, "He didn't even get mad."

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Better luck next time, North.

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