Kim Kardashian Will Bless World with "Nude Selfies Until I Die"

And on the seventh day, Kim created nudes.

Kim Kardashian
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Remember when Kim Kardashian posted a nude photo of herself and the internet melted down in a panic because apparently no one has ever seen a naked person before? 

The star came under quite a bit of criticism (some of which was completely ridiculous, and some of which sparked intelligent conversation about beauty standards), but she isn't backing down. In fact, Kim just promised the world that she'll be sending us nudes forever. #blessed

While accepting the Break the Internet Award at the Webby Awards, Kim mused "Nude selfies until I die," an idea she got from Ellen DeGeneres. 

Kim called into Ellen's show before hitting the awards, and asked for advice about her five-word acceptance speech, explaining, "I've been texting all my funny friends like Chrissy Teigen, everyone I think is so funny, asking what my speech should be. Any ideas?" 

Ellen's thoughts?  "You should say, 'You're welcome for naked selfies.'"

Boom, words to live by.

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Mehera Bonner
Entertainment Editor

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