Justin Bieber Played Pokémon Go in NYC and Literally No One Noticed Him

TFW everyone cares about Pikachu more than you.

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Calling it right now: Pokémon Go is the best thing that's happened to celebrities. Proof? The fact that Justin Bieber was able to join a crowd of Poké-Players in New York City without anyone recognizing him. Because why bother trying to find Bieber when you're busy trying to find Pikachu, amirite?

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So, what we're getting from the above video is that, if you're a celebrity, the best course of action is living in a virtual world where a bunch of shady folk named Tentacool and Exeggcute are more famous than you.

Tyga gets it:

Let the Eeveelution begin.*

*That's a super nerdy Pokémon Go reference, for the uninitiated.

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