Did Hailey Baldwin Just Jump in the Middle of the Selena/Justin Instagram Fight?


Justin Bieber
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Update, 8/15 6:10 p.m. Hailey Baldwin just weighed in on the alleged "weighing in" and it turns out, she wasn't weighing in.

Original story, 8/15 9:30 a.m. Until early Monday, Hailey Baldwin was just an innocent bystander in the Selena/Justin Instagram feud, a category five social media storm if we've ever seen one. But overnight, she waded into the choppy waters with a comment-disabled text post that's, well, you'll see.

Is that a pro-Selena bent we smell, though "manipulate a situation to make yourself look better" could swing either way? Is it even *about* Selena and (Baldwin's former maybe-BF) Justin and Sofia Richie? Is it about anything? Baldwin's all about moving on here, but perhaps these since-deleted tweets from *her* past might offer some insight into her current motivation.

Hailey Tweet

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Hailey Baldwin

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