Emma Stone and Jennifer Lawrence Attend a Movie Premiere Together in the Ultimate #FriendGoals Move

Cute quotient: very high.

Ryan Gosling stars alongside her inLa La Land, but IRL, Emma Stone chose someone perhaps even dreamier to accompany her to a screening of the film Tuesday: Jennifer Lawrence.

While Stone wore an ivory slip dress by The Row, her companion for the night provided contrast in a black La Perla crop top with wide-leg Ralph Lauren pants. We can see it now: "What are you going to wear?" "IDK. What are *you* going to wear?" (Times 76. Then they just give up and go monochromatic.)

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(Image credit: Dave Allocca/Starpix/REX/Shutterstoc)

Also up for imagining: the after *after* party they could have had with mutual friend Dakota Johnson, also in attendance, which might have involved a chili pizza sandwich and a lot of giggling.

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