Kanye West Allegedly Attempted to Assault a Gym Staffer Prior to His Hospitalization

West's doctor claims he's suffering from "temporary psychosis."

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Kanye West has been hospitalized for "his own health and safety" at UCLA Medical Center, and new reports claims his doctor is the one who called police about his potentially violent behavior.

According to TMZ, West's physician Dr. Michael Farzam called 911 "warning the dispatcher [that] Kanye was not violent but would become violent when police arrived to help him." Sources in law enforcement claim Dr. Farzam said his patient suffered from "temporary psychosis due to sleep deprivation and dehydration."

The police report indicates that Dr. Farzam told officers Kanye had tried to assault a gym staff member, and that he had placed West on a 5150 psychiatric hold—which is why he was allegedly handcuffed to his stretcher on route to the hospital (it's unclear as to whether Kanye's actually being held on a 5150).

Head here for information on Kanye's personal struggles, and check back for more updates.

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