Amusingly, Andrew Lloyd Webber Thinks He Discovered Rihanna

Fact check: Rihanna discovered herself.

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Andrew Lloyd Webber is probably best known for being the genius mind behind The Phantom of the Opera and Cats, but did you know he was responsible for discovering pop culture's most badass singer? Yup, in a highly amusing turn of events, Webber revealed that he was exposed to the genius of Rihanna whilst on vacation in Barbados, but decided not to do anything about it.

Webber told Piers Morgan (of course) on Good Morning Britain that he remembers seeing Rihanna "singing with a sort of karaoke band at a hotel" around 12 years ago. Apparently, he and his buddy Nigel Wright floated the idea of bringing her back with them (ummm...did they talk to her about this plan?) but decided against it.

"I said to Nigel, 'If we bring her back, you know it's like when you see a picture when you're away and you take it home and you think why did I buy that?' [Edit note: 😳 ] I said, 'Nigel, we'll get her back, it'll be fine, but then what do we do?'" times, but Rihanna clearly made her way in the world juuuuust fine.

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