Jennifer Lawrence Takes an Emotional Stand Against Trump's Immigration Ban

The actress prays "sanity" will be restored to the White House.

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On Friday, President Donald Trump signed a highly controversial executive order that puts "extreme vetting" into place—with the intention of keeping "radical Islamic terrorists" out of the USA. The measure resulted in innocent people (many of whom legally live in America) being detained at airports and prevented from returning home to their families (opens in new tab).

Many celebrities have spoken in outrage against the measure (opens in new tab) (which is seen to be a very, very thinly veiled attack on Muslims), calling the ban unconstitutional and an affront to American values. Jennifer Lawrence is among these voices.

The actress posted a note on Facebook, in which she prays that sanity and compassion will return to the White House.

Read more celebrity calls to action here (opens in new tab). 🙌

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Mehera Bonner
Mehera Bonner

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