No, Kanye West Didn't Skip the Grammys to Make a Statement

He had an entirely different reason for missing the show.

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Along with Justin Bieber and Drake, Kanye West skipped the Grammy Awards—and up until now everyone thought he was trying to send a message by doing so (opens in new tab). Except, nope, not so much. Kris Jenner was asked point blank by Ryan Seacrest (who else?) why Kanye was a no-show, and she explained that her son-in-law is simply busy with New York Fashion Week.

"The truth is he's got a big fashion show in New York because it's New York Fashion Week," Jenner said (opens in new tab). "And my entire family is back there… Some of the kids are on their way tomorrow. He's got a lot of work to do. We wish he could be here!"

Word on the street is that Kanye's NYFW show is this coming Wednesday. Hopefully his fleet of models fare better this time around (opens in new tab).

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