Selena Gomez Just Low-Key Announced She's Back in the Studio

Subtle, Selena. So subtle.

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Selena Gomez s back in the studio, but if you didn't realize that, don't feel too bad. She's been super low-key about it.

It might seem like all Selena has had time for lately is traveling the world with her Grammy-winning boyfriend, The Weeknd, but in an interview with Today, she oh-so-casually slipped in the fact that she's been recording.

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"I'm actually enjoying finding moments for myself," she said. "Whether I'm in the studio—and I've been in the studio for a week straight and haven't really said anything about it—I like having a little mystery to where I'm at and I think that makes me feel very empowered, it makes me feel in control."

Next mystery we want to solve: What will Selena's Weeknd-inspired tracks sound like?

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