Justin Bieber Hit a Paparazzo Outside His Church and the Photos Are Intense


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Hot off the heels of being banned by China and then canceling his tour, Justin Bieber went to church. And then he left church and accidentally hit a waiting member of the paparazzi with his car.

The incident happened on Wednesday night by City Church in Beverly Hills, and E! News reports that the paparazzo was left "on the ground moaning."

"Justin slid into his truck in the alley," an eyewitness tells the outlet. "He got in the driver's seat and saw all the photographers flashing. He drove out slowly, and there was a group of photographers on the driver's side and a group on the passenger's side. Once he drove out, the driver's side paparazzo started walking around the front of the car. It was like a mob scene, flashing at him. The group on the right passenger side got pinned against Kourtney Kardashian's car, parked on the sidewalk. The guy fell down in the mob—kind of under the front of the car—and the wheel ran over his leg when Justin accelerated. When the photographers stopped flashing and knelt down to help their friend, that's when Justin realized he hit someone and got out of the car to help."

Bieber was seen offering a helping hand to the injured man, and was apparently "worried" and "cooperative" when the police arrived. He doesn't appear to have been arrested (according to onlookers), and the pap was taken to hospital via ambulance for "non-life-threatening injuries to one of his lower extremities."

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Mehera Bonner
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