Here's the Sexy Donald Trump Halloween Costume Absolutely No One Asked For

Burn it with fire.

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Until I am told otherwise, I will believe that, on Nov. 1 of every year, the captains of the Halloween industry gather in a boardroom somewhere and go "Great job, everybody, but how can we make this even worse?"

Answer: Yandy's Donna T. Rumpshaker costume, which includes a sleeveless collared shirt, tie, blazer, booty shorts, the standard free panty with every order, and zero self-awareness. For $17.90 plus shipping, you can complete the look with a replica of Trump's "Making America Great!" hat and a comb-over wig that reads more blond Ash Ketchum than anything (apologies, fellow '90s kids).

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If this doesn't interest you, Yandy also offers Sexy George Washington, Sexy Minion, Sexy Buzz Lightyear, and Sexy...Pizza.


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