Anne Hathaway and Robert De Niro Give Us #FriendshipGoals in the New Trailer for 'The Intern'

I like this.


Update, 8/3: Here's the new trailer for The Intern, which, unlike the other one, kind of explains why Robert De Niro would ever want to work at a fashion startup. (Short answer: He's 70 and retirement is boring.) There are also lots of nicely lit offices and good-natured jokes about how Millennials like to communicate via email and emoji. Cute. 

Original story, 5/14: It's a whole new world in the realm of the The Intern. Anne Hathaway plays Jules, the Miranda Priestley of an up-and-coming fashion website (sans malice), and Robert De Niro is Ben, her intern. The irony/weirdness of a grown man being an intern at a *style* site isn't lost on anyone, yet somehow Ben finds a way to stand out with his charm and old-school protocol.

As the two learn from one another, she sees the the line between employee and confidant begin to blur. (And proves everyone can learn something from Robert freakin' De Niro.)

The Intern will be released in the US on September 25th and in the UK on October 2nd.

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