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Rihanna Unveils a Bloody "BBHMM" Bonus Clip That Will Give You Nightmares

At long last, her accountant's gruesome fate is sealed.

If at the end of Rihanna's chills-down-your-spine thriller "BBHMM," you were left wondering, "Uh, but what happens to the accountant?"—you were not alone. The whole internet was champing at the bit for the intel.

But finally, after months of leaving us hanging (what the hell RiRi?), the singer has released new footage on her Google Play app that tells, actually, shows us the gruesome fate of her numbers guy (who was allegedly based off of her former accountant IRL) in decidedly bloody detail.

Just in time for Halloween, enjoy the next phase of Rihanna's capital-fueled vendetta below:

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