Kris Jenner Does Her Very Best "Trap Queen" for Love Magazine's Advent Calendar

Covered in jewels, in a pool. Natch.

Kris Jenner is not like other grandmothers. While your grams is still playing The Very Best of the Rat Pack on vinyl, Jenner is probably stealing daughter Kylie's iPod and listening to Fetty Wap on her own accord. 

So it makes perfect sense that the rapper's ride-or-die anthem "Trap Queen" was elected to soundtrack Jenner's sultry dip in the pool for day 7 of Love's Advent Calendar series. ICYMI, Kendall inaugurated the magazine's annual offering with her own aquatic, shark-themed clip.

In the minute-long clip directed by Doug Insglish, the 60-year-old says hey, what's up, hello in wearing a plunging black halter swimsuit, heavy dosage of jewels, and glossy red lips while gliding through the crystal blue water. 

Eat your heart out, Esther Williams.

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