Kanye West Shares 'Swish' Track List, Modestly Declares It the "Best Album of All Time"

He also announced new NYFW plans, so mark all your cals accordingly.

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Only, like, the president can declare a bank holiday, but February 11 might as well be renamed in Kanye West's honor for all the effort he's putting into it.

Handed down like an illegible 10 Commandments, the track list for Swishwhich drops in 14 business days, features both previously released songs like "FML" and "Wolves" and the fascinating new work "Real [indecipherable squiggles that end in an 'S']." But what's most intriguing of all is the bit at the bottom. "Kylie Was Here"—Is that a bonus track? A youthful prank? Where did Yeezy find a notepad that folds up like the legal kind but also has holes for binder usage?

Compounding February 11's Kanye-ness will be His Majesty's third Fashion Week presentation, which will likely include new earth-tone sneakers for Kim Kardashian to gift Ryan Seacrest. 

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Prepare the ticker tape parade, boys. At least this time, he gave notice before wrecking the whole NYFW schedule

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