Stop Everything and Listen to Rihanna and Calvin Harris' New Heart-Stopping Club Banger


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Update, 4/29: It's aliiiive and as suspected, the banger of our dreams. Lightening strikes every time RiRi and Calvin get together. Listen below:

Original Post, 4/28: It's official: Summer 2016 is going to be one long dance party.

Beyoncé gloriously droppedLemonade over the weekend, Drake will unveil his hotly-anticipated record Views From The 6 tomorrow, and now Rihanna and Calvin Harris are back at it again with another chart-topping collab. Last night, Harris announced the pair's new single "This What You Came For" and it will hit airwaves in less than 24 hours. Plan your Friday night accordingly.

A follow up to the massive hit that was 2011's "We Found Love," the details are still pretty vague. What we do know? It already has a ringing endorsement from Ms. No-It's-Becky herself, Taylor Swift. She may be a little biased considering it's her man's track, but she's also a killer DJ as we learned from her carefully-curated, 11-track mixtape. So yeah, it's going to be good guys.

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