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WTF Is Going On with Selena Gomez's Weird Mismatched Heels?

She's basically balancing on sculptures.

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While you were happy crying over Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato's adorable red carpet reunion, I was busy hyperventilating over Selena's feet.

Just look at those shoes!

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It's like a sculpture under each Jacquemus heel! And what we really want to know is, how could she walk? Was it with a bit of a limp? Or has she got the walking in mismatched heels thing down?

To balance out her bonkers footwear, Sel slayed a spaghetti strap LBD (by the same designer) with such intense '90s vibes, I can practically hear the Spice Girls playing.


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Not to mention all of her uber-cute jewelry and that slicked-back hairstyle. 10/10.

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