Selena Gomez Memed Her Own Met Gala Look

Her Instagram comment is too real.

Regardless of what you thought about Selena Gomez's Met Gala look, she had the last laugh. The star shared a throwback Instagram on Wednesday, of herself in her Coach gown, and the video showed her running away before getting into a car. Selena captioned the photo, "Me when I saw my pictures from MET," followed by a shrug emoji.

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If you remember, many people, especially Twitter users, had strong opinions on Selena's red carpet ensemble. Some thought she looked beautiful while others mocked her makeup choice and bronzed skin. (Her look was created by none other than renowned celebrity makeup artist Hung Vanngo.) Based on Selena's own Instagram comment, the singer appeared to have read, or at least heard from others, about the negative comments on her photos. But the singer, quite frankly, doesn't appear to give a damn—as it should be.

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