Cool Your Jets! Ghesquière NOT Official at Louis Vuitton (Yet)

Internet rumors have been swirling for months regarding Nicolas Ghesquière taking the reigns at Louis Vuitton — and especially picking up speed after Marc Jacobs confirmed his departure at the brand's Spring 2014 show in Paris. But let's not count our chickens before they hatch, fashion world. A spokesman for LVMH told WWD late yesterday, "Nothing has been decided," which proves to be interesting timing. Luxury Society, a business network for the global luxury industry, reported yesterday that Ghesquière had, in fact, been named Louis Vuitton. Hm.

We get the feeling that Ghesquière is in, unofficially, but as in the business world, LVMH needs to wait until all is signed, sealed, delivered before they're able to announce. Or, you never know, they could be planning a total curveball for us, in which case we say: Bring it on.

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