Intern Challenge 1: Test Your Shoe Smarts

Test your shoe smarts with our heel trivia quiz!
woman in bed with a black heel on the floor
Test your shoe smarts with our heel trivia quiz!
woman in bed with a black heel on the floor
What's Your Shoe IQ?
1. True or False: Wearing high heels can be good for your sex life.
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woman in short dress tights and high heels with man in a suit crouching behind her
Valentin Casarsa
Sex in the Workplace
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woman in walkin shoe closet
Karin Catt
What's Your Shoe IQ?
2.The average American woman owns how many pairs of shoes?
A. 7
B. 19
C. 26
D. 32
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bright high heels
Ruven Afanador
Behind the Cover Shoot: Sex and the City
Cosmo-hued heels.
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woman putting on a pair of black booties
What's Your Shoe IQ?
3. True or False: Almost all women routinely wear shoes that are one to two sizes too small.
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foot scale
What's Your Shoe IQ?
CORRECT ANSWER: True--88% of women are wearing shoes that are too small for their feet. The majority of women haven't been measured for the correct shoe size in the past five years, and since shoe size often increases with weight gain and age, many women stick with a size they've outgrown.
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woman standing by shoes
Perry Hagopian
What's Your Shoe IQ?
4. What shoe size does the average American woman wear?
A. 9
B. 8
C. 7
D. 6
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the number eight
What's Your Shoe IQ?
CORRECT ANSWER: The average woman is a size 8 wide shoe. According to The Professional Shoe Fitting Manual, At the beginning of the 20th century, the average American woman wore a 3.5 or a 4, climbed to a 5.5 or 6 by the 1960s, and reached an 8 in the 1980s.
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What's Your Shoe IQ?
5. Who invented the contemporary stiletto?
A. Salvatore Ferragamo
B. Christian Dior
C. Coco Chanel
D. Cristóbal Balenciaga
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Ben Goldstein/Studio D
What's Your Shoe IQ?
CORRECT ANSWER: A. The contemporary stiletto was invented in the 1950s by Italian shoe designer Salvatore Ferragamo, who made his first pair for Marilyn Monroe in alligator skin. The models back then were tame by today's standards, with heels no higher than about 3 inches.
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woman in pain holding her foot
What's Your Shoe IQ?
6. True or False: Almost 50 percent of women say they've been injured by wearing a pair of too-small heels.
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doctor holding xray of feet
What's Your Shoe IQ?
CORRECT ANSWER: True. 43 percent of women confessed they have been at least moderately injured by shoes and eight percent reported serious injuries like sprains or breaks.
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woman shopping
What's Your Shoe IQ?
7. How many hours per year does the average women spend shopping for shoes?
A. 10
B. 20
C. 30
D. 40
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woman holding up red heel
What's Your Shoe IQ?
CORRECT ANSWER: D. Women spend 40 hours and 30 minutes shopping for shoes every year, over the course of 15 shoe shopping trips.
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sex and love sexy couple
Digital Vision
Sex and Love Diary
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Single Sex
C. Steinhausen
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woman in venetian costume
What's Your Shoe IQ?
9. True or False: Historians believe the modern-day high heel originates from the chopine, a platform shoe, worn by women in Florence in the 16th century. The platform was often two feet high.
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woman holding masquerade mask
What's Your Shoe IQ?
CORRECT ANSWER: True. Venetian prostitutes often wore chopines. The platform shoes elevated the prostitutes, who often lingered in dark doorways waiting for potential customers, to a height which would make them noticeable.
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woman surrounded by shoes
What's Your Shoe IQ?
10. Shoe fiend Darlene Flynn earned her title as Guinness World Record holder for the largest collection of shoe-related items. Over the course of 6 years, how many pieces of shoe memorabilia did she amass?
A. About 2,000
B. About 4,000
C. About 6,000
D. About 8,000.
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blue ribbon
What's Your Shoe IQ?
CORRECT ANSWER: D. Darlene Flynn owns 7,765 shoe-related items, including a replica of the Disney Cinderella glass slipper, wooden shoes, leather moccasins, cloth shoes, cast iron boots, a red-stiletto shoe phone, and even a shoe made from the ash collected at Mount St. Helen's eruption.
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