Everlane's Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales: What to Know

The best part of this sale? Partial proceeds go to a good cause.

Everlane Black Friday
(Image credit: Everlane )

It’s a weird time in fashion (and the world), when everyone is talking about “return to office dressing” and chic holiday party outfits, but also the thought of wearing real pants makes everyone want to curl up and die. Enter Everlane, who has long perfected the art of looking put-together, but never at the expense of comfort—and also never at the expense of, well, money. Because while Everlane already has plenty of coveted closet staples at don’t-break-the-bank prices, its Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales are a massive deal. 

Here’s some good news: The sales (opens in new tab) are finally here! The site is offering up to 40 percent off on dozens of products. That’s if the brand can actually keep all of its best-selling pieces in stock, though, so it's best to act fast. Now is the best time to stock up on all of your winter essentials, including denim and cozy joggers. Or, pick up a few new fuzzy accessories like beanies and chunky oversized sweaters—items that will actually have you looking forward to getting dressed (and going outside in sub-zero temperatures).

Not to mention: No one in the history of the world has received a holiday gift from Everlane and not been thrilled about it. So, if you somehow already have enough buttery soft t-shirts and effortless turtlenecks in your own collection (but, really, is that possible?) Then you need to head to Everlane’s site (opens in new tab) right now to shop for all those friends and family members who will definitely love you the most this holiday season.

And as if you needed yet another reason to shop Everlane’s massive sale this year: The company—which has become known for its sustainability and transparency practices—is continuing its tradition of donating partial proceeds from Black Friday and Cyber Monday to a good cause through its Black Friday Fund (opens in new tab). This year, Everlane has set a funding goal of $200,000 to support the Rodale Institute and to help farmers across the United States transition their farms to regenerative organic ones. Guilt-free shopping?! No, you’re not dreaming.

Do you already know what you want to buy in the sale this year without having to scroll through the seemingly endless selection? Good for you. Shop the sale by your preferred category now.

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