The Best Tote Bags From Amazon to Get You Through the Week In Style

They'll fit your laptop, water bottle, and snacks, and look good doing it.

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(Image credit: Design by Morgan McMullen)

Our work totes take a beating during the work week. They're crammed with laptop, chargers, and other miscellaneous objects. Thrown on the floor by our chairs. Pelted by the rain as we commute in to work. Thus, when it's time to finally replace our beloved tote, it can be hard to let go. When you're ready to start looking, however, there are tons of brands that make beautiful work-appropriate tote bags. But if your search hasn't turned up any winners, you may also want to check Amazon—the hidden gem of work totes. Of course, you'll need to dig through the mehhhs to get to the good ones, which we have found ahead. One of the next 12 work totes will win your heart, and laptop, over.