Secret Teenager Kanye West Doodles Kim Kardashian's Name on His Sneakers

But does he pass her notes in class?

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There's no high school experience more iconic than doodling song lyrics on the toe of your Converse sneakers in Sharpie (extra points if you quote Bright Eyes), and Kanye West is living that teenage dream. 

The Life of Pablo rapper was spotted wandering the streets of Calabasas wearing a pair of freshly doodled sneaks, which featured all kinds of important Kanye Thoughts™. 

Not only do Kanye's sneakers feature a shoutout to his wife Kim Kardashian, but we also spy Nicolas Cage's name (um, K), as well as an American flag—because lest you forget #KanyeForPresident. Take a closer look below, and try not to feel sad about your own inferior footwear.

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Mehera Bonner is a news writer who focuses on celebrities and royals.