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There are the born stylists who know exactly what necklace to pair with what dress, and manage to emerge from their closets every morning artfully wardrobed. And then there are those shoppers who become so overwhelmed in a dressing room that they forgo a single hint of style for the more manageable yoga pants and t-shirt.

The brains behind Ravinstyle totally get the frustration that comes with too many choices and no guidance. This creative site is a newly redesigned interactive boutique featuring the profiles of fashion editors and experts, who present clients with ready-to-buy outfits suiting their personalities. Select your personal style mantra from a list of up-to-date trends, such as Modern Bohemian where you can shop art prints and hippie accessories, or Flirty Femme for the perfect lady-like dress.

Ravinstyle is all about hard-to-find boutique favorites, like Hayden Harnett, Alisha Levine and Rachel Nasvik, so whether you go for a pair of killer jeans, a maternity sweater dress, beach bag or a whole ensemble, the look will be uniquely you.

To redeem your $25 discount on any order of $100 or more at Ravinstyle, enter "StoreAdore" in the promotional code section in your account or at checkout.

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