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If you're stuck back east, and can't take in the turquoise-painted floor (made to look like ocean waves) and Rainbow Brite dressing-room curtains (actual Missoni beach towels), don't fret. The happy LA Website is plenty fun. It certainly enlivens us, especially this time of year. This Cali-based boutique stocks a playful mix of pieces, including basics like denim (Raven, Hudson, Genetic) and jewelry (Me & Ro, Chan Luu), along with flirty dresses and tops by up-and-comers such as Diane Samandi and Falls. And, they're all selected for the optimum comfort and ease suited to a beachy lifestyle. (Not that you can tell, because they're all superstylish.) Owners Dawn Baker and Lori Bzura ditched their Hollywood dreams (one was a stylist for Ellen DeGeneres, the other a production designer for Sex and the City) for a peaceful Palisades lifestyle, but their backgrounds are definite influences on the selection that mixes menswear pieces, such as tailored jackets and vests, with sexy, lingerie-inspired silky tunics and dresses. Understanding that nothing can turn a smile into a frown faster than sky-high prices, the boutique plans to keep prices under $600. So, c'mon, get happy!

To redeem your 20 percent discount at happy LA, enter "storeadore20" in the promotional code section at checkout.

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