Uncoupled for V-Day

Last night I had plans with a girl friend to grab sushi around the corner. We weren't even hung up about the fact that we were both single and guy-less on Valentine's Day — we were trying our best to just think of it as any other Thursday night, no big deal. When we got to the place...a place that I ALWAYS go to that's super low-key, they were suddenly so formal, asking us if we had a reservation. We said no, and then they said, "Are you a couple?" We were shocked — why do you have to be a "couple" to go out to eat on a Thursday night that also happens to be Valentine's day? Am I supposed to not make any plans and just stay home and eat ramen because I'm not paired up? When I looked clearly annoyed, the host said, "Oh, it's because we are giving out roses to the ladies tonight and we don't know which one of you to give it to." Why couldn't we just sit down and order some damn edamame? Once we did, the host made a dramatic gesture of coming over to our table with a big smile and giving us each a rose. As if we were two pathetic, desperate girls whose days were just made by the fact that some guy in a cummerbund gave us a rose. So much for not needing to participate in Valentines Day. Apparently if you leave your apartment, you have no other choice. I'd expect New York to know better!

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