10 Things NOT to Do At a Wedding

1. Don't get too drunk, and make a fool of yourself. You are there to celebrate with the bride & groom – Not embarrass yourself & them.

2. Don't be late.

3. Don't bring a guest, unless you're invited with one.

4. Don't take photographs during the ceremony. Leave that to the professionals.

5. Don't miss the RSVP date. There is a reason for the deadlines, and you should try to abide by those dates.

6. Don't change your seating. The bride & groom took time to plan out the seating plans … respect that.

7. Don't pile your plate high in the buffet line.

8. Don't dress too provocatively, casually, etc. Make sure that you dress for the occasion.

9. Don't talk or laugh during the ceremony!

10. Don't let your personal problems bring down the vibe for the day – it's the happiest day of someone's life and you want to help them celebrate.

By Tatiana Byron, founder of The Wedding Salon

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