My Question For The Marie Claire Psychic

As you can tell, I've had a really tough time finding the right girl. I'm a huge fan of true crime stories and I've seen a lot of instances where the police, at wit's end, will turn to a psychic to help solve a crime.

You all have really helped with your advice and thoughts, and I hope you continue to help. But I'm still at wit's end.

Remember how I mentioned the Marie Claire psychic around the 4th of July? Well, I finally got the courage (she looks rather intimidating in her picture) to make a quick video for her so she can share her clairvoyant thoughts. Hopefully, she can tell me who I'm going to end up with, and when I will meet this girl. If you have questions about anything in your life, you should ask her and maybe she can help you out.

Take a look below (don't laugh, I didn't really fix my hair right). If you can't see the video below, click here and you should be able to view it.

I will share what the psychic tells me, and we'll see how much I agree with her thoughts. Even if she wasn't psychic, I have a feeling she'd have a better clue about my dating life than I do...

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