The Marie Claire Psychic's Response To My Question

So the Marie Claire Psychichas constructed a video response to my question. If you don't see the player below, you canclick here to view it.

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I agreed with some of the things she had to say, but I disagreed with some things. Here are my thoughts on her response:

What I disagreed with...

I'm nervous around girls. Maryclairevoyant says this is why I speak without thinking: my mind is moving quickly due to nerves. I disagree. My problem is that I'm too comfortable around girls-a product, I think, of growing up with two sisters. Because of this comfort, I don't have a filter for what comes out of my mouth. So girls end up feeling offended, angry, or just look at me as a goofy friend.

I don't anger girls.

Oh yes I do.

I forget the good things about myself, and I tend to overcompensate. I wish I could remember the good things about myself without feeling conceited. I should work on approaching girls while remembering the great things I have to offer. It might get me somewhere, but something as simple as believing in yourself is tough to do sometimes.

My name being "Rick". Marieclairvoyant, my name is RICH, not Rick! I'll give you a mulligan on that one. You might be so psychic that you take things you know, like my name, for granted and you focus on the unknown: like who in the world am I going to end up with?

Things I Agreed With

I speak without thinking. This has gotten me in trouble a lot, but has also been something that makes girls laugh. I think I need to hold back a bit though. I agree that I should just take it slowly, not spill everything out and reveal things about myself in a measured pace.

The girl of my dreams will have medium length hair and big eyes. Hair and eyes are the first things I notice when I am looking at a girl's face. I fall for girls who have eyes I can't forget. I get hung up in beautiful hair that is usually a little longer than shoulder length, and I love it when the hair frames the face as Marie Clairevoyant said.

I've already met the girl I'm supposed to be with. This one is the coolest and most interesting one. Remember, my favorite girl in Manhattan? I barely ever see her, but every time I see her it's great and I get all giddy over her. Oh, of course she has a boyfriend. But, Maryclairevoyant said I needed to find someone I'm comfortable with , who I can talk to and trust/confide in. This girl is just that person-and I feel relaxed, believe in myself and say the right things around her. My filter is always on, so nothing stupid comes out! I've seen her across crowded rooms when we are out, and I've definitely traversed the crowd to talk and spend time with her. Oh, and she has lighter eyes, and longer than shoulder length hair that frames her face. So, yes, I know a girl I wish I could end up with but who knows what the future holds?

It was refreshing to get an opinion like this. From the scientific side, it's always fun to hear about my afflictions and strengths from a professional psychiatrist: my issues with intimacy and fear of commitment. This felt kind of the same way, but from a more spiritual point of view. If you would like to get an opinion, go for it here!

I think the biggest outcome here is that I need to find a girl that forces me to focus , and that I feel comfortable with. Strange thing: someone who you feel comfortable with making you focus more-because you shouldn't have to focus if you're comfortable-should be effortless. But my favorite girl in Manhattan somehow makes me focus more, and makes me feel comfortable at the same time. So maybe, it's in the cards for her to be the one. Dare to dream...

Do you think you'd have the same analysis as the Marie Claire Psychic after reading my disastrous dating escapades? And do you believe that it's pre-destined-who we end up with?

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