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Rich Santos was born and raised in Baltimore, MD. He gained a valuable perspective on dating and women through the eyes of his older and younger sister. He excelled through school; putting up a solid C average and eventually graduating from the University of Delaware after racking up a 2.3 GPA (someone forgot to tell him that their scoring system was not similar to golf). He follows his beloved Baltimore Ravens, Orioles and MD Terapins closely. His other interests include music, history, nature, fashion, and of course, dating. Rich finds charm in stupidity and campiness in movies, celebs and life. He currently resides in New York City where some day he hopes to fall in love. Until then, he is happy to share his failures and successes and he's more than willing to follow your advice and encouragement. Rich is secretly romantic and believes the right girl is out there. But, on the surface, he's jaded and annoyed by everyone. Oh, and he'd never match his denims — so you shouldn't either. Follow him on Twitter:

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