Is Your Town Good for Dating?

When I left Baltimore, I pledged not to return until I was married. While I love the town, it felt like I wasn't meeting anyone. Maybe this is due to the dearth of people between the ages of 22-30 in Baltimore.

After I saw this online survey to rank guys in a city, I decided to put together my own ranking of the NYC:

Dating Venues

New York offers so many things to do: go to shows, play beer pong at a dive bar, take a walk in central park, ice skate outside, take a booze cruise on the Hudson (as long as there's not a plane landing there), hit a little place for brunch, go to a game, and so on. Venues range from little cafes to obnoxious clubs like the ones the Sex and The City girls hit up in the Meat Packing District. In addition to the more "planned" venues, there are a lot of spur of the moment places like karaoke spots, weird shops and random places. NYC is a wonderful walking city as well. (5 stars out of 5)


NYC is a pretty competitive dating environment. Some people thrive on competition, but I don't because I'm lazy. There are great looking people all over the place, tons of wealthy people, tons of talented people. Unfortunately, I think I fall somewhere in the middle of all this. I was told by a cabbie that, no matter who you are dating, you will always see someone better looking in New York City. Kind of depressing. More competition means fewer stars. (2 stars out of 5)

People's Willingness to Date

Everyone is on the go in this city. I've gotten a lot of numbers but no call backs. And I've gone on some dates, but never strung more than two together. One reason could be that a lot of people here are intensely career-oriented. Another reason could be that, because there are so many people and things to do, it's hard to focus on just one person for a long period of time. Everyone I've talked to said that people simply don't date in NYC. (2 stars out of 5)


The city is so diverse; you can find anyone you want: any race, any religion, hailing from so many different towns. The range of people you see out on a given day is truly astounding. Women tell me that the selection is better for guys than women in this town. My friend from the Midwest told me that she liked the look of men in the Midwest better and that a lot of the guys look the same here-and definitely act the same. My theory is that the selection for guys is better in just about every city because there are more quality women out there than quality guys. (5 stars out of 5)

Social Scene

Every city has its cliques. NYC has the finance guys, the fashionistas, the hipsters, and so on. I judge the social scene in a city by how well-defined the cliques are and how tough it is to cross those lines. While there are a lot of cliques in NYC, it's not too tough to navigate across clique lines. (3 out of 5 stars)


The coolest intangible about life in this town is that places stay open all night. So, you can extend an excellent date. However, with so much time to keep drinking and staying out, you can also make a lot of mistakes. Another intangible is the fact that so many people are transplants. So, it can stunt the progression of a relationship. If someone is from Minnesota, it will take a while before they can take their significant other out to meet the parents, and it is a pretty intense commitment when it happens. (3 stars out of 5)

Final Analysis: There are some challenges to overcome in the beginning stages of dating in NYC. Once you get to a comfortable point, though, the city is a romantic and fun place to date. Maybe the best thing to do is show up here with an already established relationship, because people really don't date much here...or maybe I'm just bad at picking up girls, and I'm telling myself this isn't an easy place to date as an excuse for my inept ways. (3 stars out of 5)

How would you rate your town as a dating town? What makes a town good or bad for dating?

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