The Date With Hot Band Guy: Should We Live-Blog It?


Holy gesundheit, has there been some craziness going on right here on this blog in the last few days, or what? I know some of you--like Paris, who is suffering from a cold--have been finding all the shenanigans a little mind-blowing. (Same here.) So, to recap: First, Arlo Pumpernickel starts commenting about our speed-dating adventure. Then, I blog about how some Hot Band Guy whom I blogged about blogged about me. Then Arlo jumps in to say I hadn't been fair to Hot Band Guy--that writing anyone off after "7.5 minutes" just wasn't legit. (Read all of what I'd initially said about Hot Band Guy here, right down to where I complain: I knew that I would never be able to continue talking to him for more time than it took for me to down my club soda.) Who leaps into the fray to defend me at that point but Hot Band Guy himself! He writes to Arlo that I was justified in finding him (HBG) so boring--that he'd been tongue-tied as a result of reading too much of my blog.

As if all that wasn't enough, to top things off, Hot Band Guy asked me out on a date--right there at the bottom of Friday's blog. Right in front of all of you!


And I quote:

Since the ice has been broken here, maybe we can get a drink or

something later in the week? If you are bored by the time you finish

your club soda, i will buy you another one and find another dude for

you to flirt with!

-Hot Band Guy

I was going to put this thing up to a vote--like, all those in favor, say Yes! But I won't insult our intelligence; I think it's overwhelmingly evident, as this point, that the verdict is in and I better go if I know what's good for me. (Am I right?)

As long as that's settled ... let's make it interesting, shall we? Any thoughts about what other things should or shouldn't happen on this date? Like, I mean, obviously, if things don't work out so great, Hot Band Guy has got to find me another dude. But what other conditions should we put on the date?

Like, should we live-blog it? Or--I don't know--that might be too distracting for both of us. And I haven't I put the poor guy through enough already?

So maybe ... maybe I should just tell Hot Band Guy that I like a little agression, a lot fo confidence, and a fair bit of excitment, so maybe he should just grab me and kiss me at some point?

Oops--looks like I just said it.

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